Celebrating The Other Members of Our Pack

 Where would we be without our animal companions! Whether returning to a room after a quick trip to the kitchen or returning home from a long day away, they're always happy to see us!  Bottom line, our pets just make everything better.   So we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to some of our fabulous furry friends:

Robert Colvin, Chief Operating Officer, and Chip

Courtnie Hicks, Director of Account Management, and Sheba, a Great Dane Pitbull mix; Harlow, a Shih Tzu Terrier; and Bella, a Chiweenie  

Larry Peterson, Vice President of National Accounts, with Sally the super dog, Luke and Kate  

Truman, named for Harry S. Truman, and pal to Jon Mitchell, Vice President of National Accounts 

Tom Bell, Vice President of Sports Programs, sent this great shot of (top to bottom)  Maggie, Zeke and Benny 

A very special picture.  Jeff Moore (right)  a long-time member of our Connections Family, passed away in April of 2020.  Shown here with husband Richard and their 2 dogs, Zoey and Benji.  

Shawn Woodrich, Senior Housing Manager, named this white beauty above, Cooper, 
because the night she brought her home, she immediately jumped on the bed and wouldn't stop watching Anderson Cooper on TV.  Nightmare, below, belongs to Shawn's daughter.  "She's actually the sweetest cat, so the name does not fit her," laughs Shawn

Toby Brenner, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Par Avion, enjoying Manhattan Beach, CA with Wrigley on the left and Woodley on the right. 

Monika Niebuhr, Director of Contracting, and her pup Freddie are certainly getting in the spirit of the holidays! 

Amy Blankenship, Operations Manager, and her good boy Frank, are ready to celebrate the holidays AND Frank's  thirteenth birthday (December 18, 2020) ! 

Look for more pet photos coming soon!



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