October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Courtnie Hicks, Director of Account Management, Connections Housing

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the annual international health campaign organized by a number of breast cancer charities with one goal in mind – to raise awareness of the disease and funds for ongoing research into the cause, treatments and a cure.

2020 has certainly been a strong reminder that we’re all in this together.  While many of us are working remotely, the Connections Housing team is coming together virtually to show our support of this very important cause.  Pictured here, some members from our West Coast team: (top to bottom): Amy Blankenship, Rosa Gaitan, Lourdes Canduela, Crystal Blake, Sarah Atkinson, Abby Archer, Shawn Woodrich, Kim Ragusa, Dawn Davis, Stephanie Gasca, Marie Tasker, Courtnie Hicks, Anna Vivas-Wicha and Robert Colvin.  

There are so many great organizations out there working tirelessly for a cure all year long.  If you’d like to do more or get involved, Charity Navigator has curated a list of highly-rated organizations that are working tirelessly to support patients, employ treatment and are contributing to medical research to eradicate this devastating disease, including:

The National Breast Cancer Foundation -- https://www.nationalbreastcancer.org

Dr. Susan Love Foundation -- https://drsusanloveresearch.org/

The Rose --   https://www.therose.org/

Dana Farber Cancer Institute -- https://www.dana-farber.org/

Breast Cancer Alliance -- https://breastcanceralliance.org/

So join us this month. Put on your pink and show your support! #Pinktober.


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