Staying Strong On the Sidelines: Physical & Mental Fitness Tips For Meetings/Events Industry Members

By Jonathan Misiewicz, Vice President of National Accounts, Connections Housing

Let’s face it, we’re all used to working in a very fast-paced environment. Now, in place of daily deadlines, back-to-back meetings, overflowing email boxes and a seemingly insurmountable to-do list, our industry has been sidelined by coronavirus and the uncertainty in its wake. 

A temporary set-back to be sure, but it’s left us all waiting - biding our time while looking for signs that business is returning.   

Mindset Management

The key thing to remember is that this return is out of our control.  We should turn our focus, instead, to what we can control.  Use this down time wisely --  zeroing in on those mental and physical aspects of our lives that took a back seat while we were always on the go --  and working  to strengthen them so that we are ready and at the top of our game when the time comes to get back to work at full throttle.

I’m making a conscious effort to focus on healthy living these days and thought I thought I’d share some of the things I do to help fight off that helpless feeling as I work through a cancellation instead of a new booking. 

Little Projects Offer Large Rewards

Look for those little things you’ve been meaning to get to but never did because you were always traveling and working.  For example, I have cleaned out closets and made substantial clothing donations to area charities.  Not only will completing a task like this put you in a good mood, but donating things also helps us feel good.  I’ve even reprinted and replaced photos that had faded in their frames over the years. In addition to refreshing the style, I found it refreshed the happy memories the pictures captured, too.  A small thing, but a great mood boost!

Are your closets already clean? Try cleaning out your email box!  Or when was the last time you mailed someone a card (not an e-card).   

Get Moving

Before the pandemic, I was going to the gym 5 times a week – up at 5:15 am, finishing a spin class and heading to work by 7:30 am. During the early months of quarantine, I became very sedentary, equating gym access with exercise, and since the gym was closed, I took time off from my fitness.   With this inactivity came poor sleeping habits and a general malaise.  Over the last couple of months, I’ve gotten back into an exercise routine and am not only sleeping better, but working more efficiently and feeling better, too. 

There is no question that there are mental benefits to physical health.  So, try to find some type of exercise that you enjoy and commit to doing it each day.  Also --  and this is important --  if, like me, you find yourself starting all over again after a long absence from a fitness regimen, DO NOT beat yourself up.  Just take it one step at a time and take pleasure in the progress you will see each day.

Revel In The Routine

Working from home, especially with the feelings of isolation this Covid climate has created, can be challenging for everyone. There are a few things I do each day that I find helpful and they’re all built around a regular routine.  First, I get dressed for work.  I’m not talking about a suit and tie but rather, video appropriate clothes.  This also includes proper shoes. For me it’s sneakers, but shoes became the final step to being ready to work (rather than flip flops and sandals).   I am ready for the “pop-up” zoom call that inevitably comes when I don’t expect it.  I also set out my business hours for the full workday and stick to them – including scheduled breaks and a clearly defined stopping point at the end of the day.  


Instead of just having a glass of wine -- or any beverage -- at the end of the day in front of the TV, pair that drink with watching a sunset.   Or, maybe go for a nice evening stroll before the drink.

By this I mean, get out there and try to incorporate nature, an outdoor element, to really relax, reflect  and be thankful at  the end of each day.   Don’t be a hermit.  Don’t worry.  Don’t retreat and wish the days away waiting for business to return.  It will.  And when it does, we will be rested, stronger, wiser and ready to face the challenges ahead - TOGETHER.


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